The Sophisticate

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The Portable Electric Folding Wheelchair can be easily taken on the plane

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The Sophisticate is a lightweight, durable and portable Power Chair, designed for the active individual looking for a combination of high performance and daily convenience. The folding technology is designed to make it even easier to store and transport your power chair.
The simple 5-step process quickly transforms the Sophisticate into a space-saving compact shape, which can be rolled into your storage area. And at 19.8kg with the batteries removed, this power chair is still on the lighter side for lifting into a car boot.
Front suspension and a supportive, durable seat will see you smoothly ride over rough terrain, avoiding the niggling aches and pains associated with other power chair models. Moving on and off pavements and over high thresholds is no longer something to avoid thanks to the Sophisticate’s hi-torque suspension system.
Two lithium-ion batteries deliver the kind of power and range that active users need from a power chair.  Lithium-ion batteries are safer, lighter and longer-lasting than regular batteries, and are much better equipped for regular daily use.
The Sophisticate also offers plenty of secure under-seat storage to keep your valuables, shopping and other bits and pieces out of the way as you travel.
  • The Portable Electric Folding Wheelchair can be easily taken on the plane
  • It features the MICON controller, which ensures safety and is of high quality
  • It has an Aviation titanium aluminium frame, which is lightweight and durable
  • Aluminium alloy hub makes the Portable Electric Folding Wheelchair much stronger
  • It can be easily folded in 5 seconds, can be put into the boot of your car or on the rack of an airplane
  • It has a LINIX brushless motor, (one of the top ten brand)
  • Front wheel damping design with compression spring
  • Overturn protection with rear little wheels
  • Size – 890*610*970mm
  • Material – Aviation Titanium Alluminum
  • Motor – 24V 200W brushless motor
  • Lithium battery –  24V 12AH*2pcs
  • Controller – Shanghai Micon
  • Brake – Electromagnetic brake
  • Weight – 19.8kg
  • Load Capacity – 120kg
  • Front/back wheel – 7”/9”
  • Seat Width – 420mm
  • Seat Height – 526mm
  • Seat Depth – 444mm
  • Max Speed – 6km/h
  • Endurance – 10km
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